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The Community is an experimental art, fashion, design, publishing and culture space taking the form of a multidisciplinary platform.
A permanent delight.

Welcome to explore our latest project during 17th–20th October.
Salon de Normandy by The Community
Relax. Renew. Revive.
The Community is a collective-run, independent, multidisciplinary art institution dedicated to promoting new and emerging artists and forward-thinking and experimental art through interdisciplinary programming.

Our new website with full representation of The Community will open during fall 2019.


The Community is working on its future programming with more announcements soon.


Salon de Normandy
by The Community

Welcome to explore our latest project during 17th–20th October Salon de Normandy by The Community.

The Community
The collective

The founders of the Parisian collective are Aapo Nikkanen, Benjamin Pöntinen, Jussi Kantonen, Osma Harvilahti, Sini Rinne-Kanto, Tuomas Autio and Tuukka Laurila.

Chateau d'Eau

We want to say a big thank you to all for our first two years at Château d'Eau!

During these years The Community worked with over 150 artists from 36 countries and organised 25+ exhibitions and 40+ events in Paris, Los Angeles, Basel, Marseille, London, Brussels and Nottingham.

It has been now almost nine months since the closing and we have had time to relax, renew and revive. It feels like the longest time, and at the same time like it was yesterday. Currently, we are preparing for the future and so excited about our new location opening later.

The Community : Think Tank

The Community : Think Tank is an independent bureau with a multidisciplinary approach. The structure is based on project-specific teams consisting of founders and artists, creatives and strategists from the gallery's network. We specialise in working with like-minded people that build their worlds beyond borders.

Recent projects include among others AALTO International, KOCHÉ, Maison Lemarié and Novembre Magazine.


Research and education are in the core of The Community, and we have always had a deep interest and appreciation towards the academic world. It has provided the base for The Community’s mindset, through each of our members’ educational experiences around the world.

In 2019 we launched the Think Tank Sessions that invite small groups of experts from the arts and creative industries to discuss, exchange and ideate together. These one-day sessions are an immersive exchange of ideas that follow the idea generation principles of Design Thinking. The outcomes of each session are published as creative reports that are distributed with open access.