The multidisciplinary salon is a gathering of an international community of galleries, exhibition spaces, projects, collectives, publishers, and music labels.

Through this initiative, The Community gives exhibition space for new and emerging, as well as more established and developed entities that together enable a unique universe and experience across five floors of the Normandy Hotel.

It has been a long year of rest and recumbence, seclusion, sleep and uncertainty, which saw some of us feeling unsettled, some feeling laden with pleasure, while others necessarily soaked up the analgesic languor allotted by the lockdown. With these ambient atmospheres of meaning in mind, and following the success of the inaugural edition in 2019, the Salon de Normandy by The Community returns to the historic Normandy Hôtel, located at 7 Rue de l’Échelle, from 22nd—25th october, 2020.

Neither directly public nor private, historically, the hotel as a conceptual space has been characterised by its ability to blur the boundaries between self and stranger, seclusion and togetherness, or being home and away. The physical space of the hotel is dominated by its instability, transient encounters, drift, and nebulous exchanges. It has also come to denote psychological shelter, rest, renewed visions, and impressions reformed in the contained comforts of a place, where certainty is said to fall apart. The second edition of the Salon de Normandy by The Community was developed by the community in response to such lingering feelings of instability and precariousness, with the very urgent, and necessarily luxuriant, conviction that there is a responsibility to continue to support and promote the exchanges and meetings between the various artists’ groups, collectives, platforms, and independent art spaces involved.

As a non-profit art institute, the Salon de Normandy by The Community will continue to be free to exhibit, open to the public, and free-of-charge.

Read the full Salon de Normandy text by Sabrina Tarasoff here

Video by Thomas James


Salon de Normandy by The Community 2020 Edition Normandy Hôtel, 7 Rue de l’Échelle, 75001 Paris, France

  • Opening hours:
  • Thursday 22nd, 17h–20h
  • Friday 23rd, 10h–20h
  • Saturday 24th, 10h–20h
  • Sunday 25th, 10h–20h

Salon de Normandy by The Community is a free-to-visit and free-to-exhibit-by-invitation initiative.


All visitors are required to register online for a free Rendez-Vous to visit the Salon de Normandy by The Community 2020.

We kindly ask all guests to follow the following guidelines that make Salon de Normandy safe for visitors, exhibitors, and staff:

  • Masks must be worn at all times within Salon de Normandy and inside the Normandy Hotel.
  • Your mask needs to cover your mouth, nose, and face at all times. If you have been exposed to someone with COVID or are experiencing any symptoms, please stay at home.
  • Please keep a distance of 1.5 meters to other guests and staff at all times.
  • During your visit please use disinfectant stations on each floor and before entering a new room. Public spaces will be disinfected regularly every day.
  • Please follow the oneay circulation at the time with a separate path for incoming and outgoing visitors.
  • Follow at all times the instructions of mediators, staff and Normandy Hotel employees.
  • The floors, spaces and rooms have limited capacity, please be considerate and wait for entry until the room has available space.
  • This year no big events or gatherings of big groups of people are possible. Instead, we hope you can enjoy the intimate experience!

We trust you will follow the above guidelines and make the safe experience possible!


After much deliberation and response to the uncertainty surrounding Covid-19, this year’s collaborative Salon will take a more local focus on Paris and Europe, with exhibitors and participants travelling only by the most ecological transportation modes. In light of FIAC cancelling this year’s art fair, The Community will establish a more dynamic and local approach to the Salon to support smaller entities and emerging artists who have been significantly impacted in these times.

The 2020 edition will utilise a Rendez-Vous format, in which a limited number of people will be let in every 15 minutes. The new format will enable a more private setting to experience the daily programming of exhibitions, installations, concerts, and performances. Following the French government’s regulations and best-practices, all efforts will be taken to ensure the health and safety of all visitors, exhibitors, and team members. The Community’s priority will be to ensure that the best exhibition conditions are in place without affecting the safe viewing experience. In doing so, the Salon de Normandy by The Community considers how coming together in a new intimate approach will foster new narratives and effect change.


The Community is a collective-run, non-profit multidisciplinary art institution, established in 2016.

Founded on a long-standing need for shared space and a platform to stimulate ideas and create collaboration across different artistic disciplines, The Community opened its doors at 65 rue du Château d’Eau, IN THE 10TH ARRONDISSEMENT OF PARIS IN THE AUTUMN OF 2016.

Focussing on multidisciplinary exhibitions, each event offered an alternative to traditional thinking, where especially in Paris different disciplines of art, fashion, publishing, and music were almost always categorised individually.

The Community has since organised 25+ shows, 40+ events, and one salon in Paris, Los Angeles, Basel, London, Brussels, Marseille, and Nottingham, gathering more than 250 artists from 36 different countries. The Community has engaged with a global audience of 36,000+ people and reached worldwide 75,000+ people.

Working with international artists and collaborators, The Community represents a growing network that all naturally move between disciplines and believe in artistic work and collaborations beyond existing borders.

In 2019, The Community closed its doors in Château d’Eau in an effort to expand the institution. In early 2021 The Community will open its new home in the industrial neighborhood of Pantin, northeast of Paris, to continue supporting emerging and established artists through interdisciplinary programming.

THE THIRD EXHIBITION AT THE NEW SPACE WILL BE “ALL TOGETHER NOW”, a group exhibition showcasing the world’s largest gay and erotic art archive collected by the legendary Tom of Finland Foundation and erotic art archive collected by the Tom of Finland foundation.