by Pablo Jomaron and Quentin Leroy

Red Lebanese (Paris) presents RED LEBANESE / Studio X8.

RED LEBANESE in Room 619 welcomes a dialogue between two friends questioning values such as family and intimacy. In the room is a selection of vinyls produced by Mad Rey as well as a series of photographs by Pablo Jomaron.
About Red Lebanese
RED LEBANESE is an independent publishing house and a music label founded in 2012 under the artistic direction of Pablo Jomaron and Quentin Leroy. RED LEBANESE promotes artists work by production and distribution of limited series publications. The music label, also known as “Studio X8”, develops and produc es artists such as Mad Rey, Pira Pora, Adriano bico, Joey Le Soldat, and more.

Quentin Leroy (aka Mad Rey) runs the label and Studio X8 and Pablo Jomaron runs the editorial part of Red Lebanese.
RED LEBANESE by Pablo Jomaron and Quentin Leroy Independent publishing company and music label