Tattoo Studio by Loic Lehecho, Lomé Lu and Mario Melis, 2020
Selection of drawings by Loic Lehecho, Lomé Lu and Mario Melis

VOITURE 14 by Myriam Mokdes and Lucas Jacques-Witz presents a special social distancing tattoo studio with:
Artists bio:

Loïc Lehecho’s fairy tale-ish, sophisticated, childhood-inspired illustrations often stage jester figures tormented by an existential dread mingled with a sense of fantasy defiled by true despair. Where colour expresses joy and excitement, Loic's work highlights emotions such as empathy, sorrow, despair or tenderness.

Lomé Lu lives and works in Montreuil. She started tattooing in 2011, right before engaging herself in a tombstone engraving company. In parallel she has been producing a wide range of graphic works including paintings and drawings. Lomé focuses on uniting these different practices through a common aesthetic-gestural approach.

Mario Melis, lives and works in Paris. Her practice stems from a mixture of collected images, such as digital and analog drawings. This expanding archive spans various subjects such as femininity, subcultures and twisted shapes that she transforms into tattoos, objects, paintings, clothes and books.

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