The Salon de Normandy by The Community aims to inspire dialogue and discovery during these disparate and turbulent times. Intending to make the Salon even more meaningful for the art world, The Community asks how art fairs can scale back their environmental impact, especially in response to Covid-19.

Education and awareness is the key to creating a sustainable planet, therefore The Community has partnered with CREATIVE-SUSTAINABILITY, founded in Berlin by Eilidh McLaughlin, for the 2020 edition. With 10 years of experience working in the sustainability sector and 3 years working in the music industry, McLaughlin started the consultancy agency Creative Sustainability to help creative individuals and cultural organisations reduce their environmental impact and challenge the climate breakdown. In particular, The Community and CREATIVE-SUSTAINABILITY will focus on resource efficiency and utility reduction of the Salon de Normandy. Through this initiative, The Community wishes to educate visitors and, hopefully, other art organisations to understand sustainability better.