B. Anele

Born in 1993

Hometown: Los Angeles

B. Anele is an American transdisciplinary artist. With a body of work ranging from video to garment construction, they expound their perspective via the resulting products of an uninhibited exploration of mediums. Simultaneously haphazard and considerate, their practice is an ongoing experiment in producing physical evidence from a metaphysical exploration of existence: Akin to visions realised on their own accord, the work disregards canonical confines and sheds light on advanced paths of realisation. Their perspective is inherently complex, filtered through Nigerian roots, blackness, and queerness. Producing sculptural garments that challenge the boundaries between clothing, art and gender, B. Anele’s work can be seen as a colourful commentary on the reciprocal relationship between the wearers of clothing and their surroundings and how fashion allows us to perform our identities while also reflecting on the definition and usability of a work of art. For them, garments are both a form of creative expression and social activism against harmful gender confines. Finally, the combination of mediums, materials, colours and motives evokes a practice that itself can be described as non-binary - a rhizomatic approach avoiding any dichotomy. Each of their objects is imbued with a sense of spiritualism as the artist makes a point to meditate over their designs, honouring indigenous art garments that once were intended for sacred purposes, highlighting the unique value of clothing items and style as a whole.

Group Exhibition

The Community Centre

26.06. — 30.07.2021

B. Anele