Nick Sethi

Born in 1989

Hometown: New York, USA

Nick Sethi is an artist and photographer living in New York City. His work focuses on the ever-changing meanings and relationships of ideas, images, people, and materials over time as they move through both physical and digital space and is often inspired by India, the birthplace of his parents. Sethi’s artistic practice focuses on the country’s ubiquitous hyper-decoration and attention to detail that highlights gestures of adornment, connection, and human touch as spiritual acts. India’s culture of hospitality is another important point of departure, the word and saying “Welcome” being a central aspect and theme in Sethi’s work. Colourful, chaotic, sometimes contradictory, his photographs document both his own background between two cultures and a country that always changes. His recently released book, Khichdi (Kitchari), published by Dashwood Books, chronicles 10 years of his photography in India, exploring a decade of changes in the country, as well as himself. In addition, he worked with 8-Ball zines to produce a zine fair, as well as The Newsstand, an artist-run zine shop in the NYC subway, which was since acquired by and shown at MoMA as part of the New Photography 2015 show. Sethi has been an ongoing collaborator of The Community for many years.

Group Exhibition

The Community Centre

22.05. — 20.06.2021

Book launch and signing

The Community


Book Launch

Lovely Day

25. — 25.06.2023

One-weekend group exhibition

Tabac Le Reilhac

09. — 11.11.2018

Book launch

The Community



Salon de Normandy by The Community

17. — 20.10.2019

Nick Sethi