Emanuele Marcuccio

Born in 1987

Hometown: Milan, Italy

Emanuele Marcuccio is an Italian artist. After graduating from the École Cantonale d’Art et Design de Lausanne (ECAL) he took up residence in Milan, where he now lives and works. In the works of Marcuccio, forms are constantly questioned and renegotiated. Making use of both minimal metal artefacts and readymades, the artist develops a strategy whereby associations take the form of allegories. From existential to trivial matters, his work is open to reinvention and surprise, using a vocabulary as close to joyful scepticism as it is to cynical laughter. Marcuccio’s practice revolves around principles of reproduction, efficiency and consumption, challenging notions of authorship in art creation through materials and processes from the world and imagination of industry. He transfers this content focus on the making of his work itself, including techniques of copying and industrial (re)production and, in doing so, questioning the image of the artist as creator. To him, artistic production is defined as a collective process. This approach can be considered the artist’s general Leitmotif, whose activities embrace different sectors of the creative and fashion industries and who, besides his artistic work, runs several art spaces in Milan.

Group Exhibition

The Community Centre

22.05. — 20.06.2021

Emanuele Marcuccio