Jason Hendrik Hansma

Born in 1988

Hometown: Rotterdam, Netherlands

Jason Hendrik Hansma is an artist based in Rotterdam who holds a Master in Fine Arts from the Piet Zwart Institute and is a former participant at the Jan van Eyck Academie. Utilising photography, sculpture, drawing, text, glass, video, and painting, Hansma explores the notions of the in-between, the liminal, and the nearly articulate. His work deals with standards, architectural, cultural, and physical, along with how works are made outside of standardised norms. For Hansma, a photograph might be created over months. An entire exhibition might happen in ‘transitional spaces’ such as hallways, doorways, or window sills. A hand-stitched curtain slows down an exhibition’s motion, providing a soft cut moved from a slight breeze from outside air, or a film focuses on the moment a wave crashes into architecture. In Hansma’s work, language (and the loss of language) play a key role in moving through the politics of aesthetics, to reconsider the means we use to locate ourselves through and with each other.

Group Exhibition

The Community Centre

22.05. — 20.06.2021

Jason Hendrik Hansma