Averard Hotel, London, UK

08.06. — 01.07.2018


The installation “Shanzhai” is a replica of an apartment we stayed in while in Thames Town just outside of Shanghai. Thames Town is one of the nine towns build around Shanghai that replicate European cities. It replicates a typical British townhouse architecture found notably in London.

“Come into Thames Town. Taste Original British Style of Small Town. Enjoy Sunlight, Enjoy Nature, Enjoy Your Holiday and Your Life. Dream of England, Live in Thames Town.”

“European, Foreign & Domestic” with Louis Amar et Marie Amar (Paris, FR), Amy & Oliver Thomas-Irvine (Cornwall, UK), Michael Iveson (London, UK), Jack Brindley (Glasgow, UK), Marc Einsiedel & Felix Jung (Hamburg, DE), Ittah-Yoda (Berlin, DE; London, UK; France) and Ophelia Finke ∩ JJ Lincoln (Frankfurt, DE; London, UK).