Frederik Exner

Born in 1991

Hometown: Paris

Frederik Exner is interested in art history, archaeology, belief and stories and works with figurative sculptures and reliefs. His universe could be defined as the imagery of fictive mythology - densely populated with ambivalent hybrid beings - in which humans seem to play a less central role. Frogs and amphibians have been prominent in Exner’s recent work and research. The cultural and mythological significances of frogs in different cultures across the globe are strikingly convergent: frogs are often considered either an omen for fertility, controllers of rain and water or transformed - yet-to-become humans. In many creational myths, they are even considered to be the very source of human existence. Exner is especially interested in the transformation and creational myths as they suggest a deep but ambivalent connection between humans and this hairless and tailless animal. Exner lives and works in Paris. His work has been recently shown at Fondation Pernod Ricard (Paris), Palais des Beaux- Arts (Paris), Gether Contemporary (Copenhagen), Studio for Artistic Research (Düsseldorph), Cantina (Aarhus), HIT (Geneva) and Augustiana (Augustenborg).

Duo exhibition

The Community Centre

08. — 23.07.2023