Cyril Debon

Born in 1987

Hometown: Paris

By fusioning sentimentalist painting together with animal ceramics, French artist Cyril Debon’s practice creates a fantastic, fairy tale narrative, spinning delicate references of history of art and decorative arts, such as tableware and furniture design. Subtly citing various references ranging from the Grimms’ tales, children’s books to B-movie archetypes, he elaborates his imaginary universe, evoking both happy and bitter-sweet associations, feelings ranging from joy to nostalgic melancholy in the viewer. His works often appear as a gentle intervention in the existing space: a small, humorous added gesture that nevertheless changes its original connotation. His ceramic animals, totemic even though small-in-scale, take over the exhibition space and garden and play hide-and-seek with the visitors: they can be seen as a joyful homage to nonhuman existences, reacquiring and inhabiting the urban landscape.

Group Exhibition

The Community Centre

26.06. — 30.07.2021

Cyril Debon