Christiane Blattmann

Born in 1983

Hometown: Brussels and Hamburg

Christiane Blattmann is a Hamburg and Brussels-based sculptor who studied Fine Arts in Hamburg and Berlin. Her work as a sculptor, but also as a publisher and founding member of the former “Betongalerie”, a temporary artist-run, open-air exhibition space that was created in 2013 in Hamburg Sankt-Pauli, circulates ideas of alternative architectures - both deconstructing the existing ones and proposing new utopian architectural concepts, especially concerning affordable social housing. Doing so, Blattmanns practice always dissociates existing borders, such as those between the in and outside. While the construction of the described public gallery can be seen as an approach of opening up the art world’s structures to a wider public, her sculptural work internalises its surrounding architecture and transfers it into the exhibition space.


The Community

12.05. — 10.06.2018

Group Exhibition

The Community Centre

22.05. — 20.06.2021

Christiane Blattmann