Louis Somveille

Born in 1994

Hometown: Paris

Often creating series of figurative paintings on large scale stretched or un-stretched canvases, Somveille’s oeuvre covers a vast breadth of subjects varying from gritty quotidian scenes of suburban Parisian life, to whimsical landscapes and psychedelic flora. In his paintings we see the influence of Art Nouveau, which surfaced in Europe in the late 1800’s.

Known for its flowery dynamic gestures, multiple of the movement’s seminal figures came from Somveille’s hometown of Nancy - their traces still present in the city. Branching into smaller scale mediums, his practice includes re-working the covers of used pocketbooks. Painting over certain words and identifiers to form new meaning, Somveille elicits his contemporary viewpoint through altering the found objects. In both mediums, we are presented with potent visions and ripe thematics which combine and take the viewer through re-envisioned realities. Beauty in the everyday dominates, and Somveille’s truth leaks out through his singular eye.

Louis Somveille graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Ensad, Nancy. Recent shows include: Quatre Chemins (solo, La Volonté, Paris), and Dégradation (with Martin Desinde, Keur, Paris).


Group exhibition

The Community Centre

01. — 23.04.2023

Louis Somveille