Gabriel Francis

Born in 1998

Hometown: New York

Originally coming from Barre, Vermont, NY-based artist Gabriel Francis has a multidisciplinary artistic practice, including drawing, photography, and zine-making. Drawing has been an important part of his life since an early age, but only recently he has practised it on a more regular basis, devoting all of his available time to his chosen medium. His works on paper evoke the channelling of his creative energies and input, while simultaneously functioning as a way process of private life, emotions, and pressures of everyday life.

The choice of materials is usually dictated by economic conditions, and he usually employs materials that he finds for free, ones that are easy to carry around and can be stored in small spaces.

Francis’ recent exhibitions include “Mirrored Paths” at Printed Matter, New York (2023). He is also the editor of Nail Biter Zine, documenting NYC’s graffiti and punk subcultures around 2021-2022.

Group exhibition

The Community Centre

01. — 23.04.2023

Gabriel Francis