Eetu Sihvonen

Born in 1994

Hometown: Helsinki

Eetu Sihvonen is a Finnish artist who lives and works in Helsinki. Their practice mainly uses 3D modelling and animation, and more traditional materials, such as plaster, wood, and metal. Merging them into installations, the works are informed by aestheticized barricades in Western urban culture, utopias, and the world of role-playing games. Their 3D prints and video work on display in “Mystic May” form a body of work and design a world moving between a dark, capitalist dystopia and the search for alternative utopias of social coexistence. In “Heavy Iron Gate”, we observe the development of a society whose self-imposed work ethic ultimately leads to its decay. Although told in the manner of a fairy tale, similar to a moral fable, the story immediately brings to mind reference points such as the capitalist system we live in today. However, while this system still shapes our society and lives, Sihvonens’ story takes a turn: People liberate themselves from the doctrine of work and create an alternative society that upholds values such as collectivity and closeness to nature.

Group Exhibition

The Community Centre

26.06. — 30.07.2021

Eetu Sihvonen