Léa Domingues

Born in 1993

Hometown: Paris, France

Léa Domingues is a French artist who works between fashion and fine arts. Her training as a stylist and designer at LISAA and MOD’ART in Paris was followed by various international practical experiences, such as a two-year assistantship with the designer Faustine Steinmetz in London and, back in Paris, with the fashion designer Véronique Leroy. An assistantship with The Community was followed by numerous collaborations between the artist and the collective which continue to this day. In her personal and professional work practice, Domingues, who now works for the young brand Marine Serre, deals with subjects around upcycling, the social and cultural history of second-hand materials and their transformation. Her different projects deal with clothing and intimacy with the objective of promoting a more personal approach and consumption of fashion, as well as a social impact triggered by this sensitisation.

Group Exhibition

The Community Centre

22.05. — 20.06.2021


The Community

11. — 28.07.2018

Léa Domingues