Pepo Salazar Lacruz

Born in 1972

Hometown: Paris, France

Pepo Salazar Lacruz is a Basque artist living and working in Paris, where he also teaches at PCA Paris college of Art. During his artistic career, he has developed a multidisciplinary practice that includes sculpture and installation but has expanded to other media such as music and sound, writing, collage, performance, editions and moving image among others. Often working with everyday life objects, ranging from banal, absurd, overconceptualized or ideologically charged, Salazar Lacruz arranges them in new constellations while aiming to subvert the objects symbolic values to a new sense, a critical abstraction of reality. Doing so, his artworks contain an inherent critique, for example of capitalism, it’s institutions, consumer culture and the influence of mass media, but are very much avoiding stating a single perception and interpretation. The artist’s rhizomatic, fluid approach rather considers the objects as their own agents, actively producing inconsistencies and an autonomous performativity. In 2015, Salazar Lacruz represented Spain at the 56 Biennale di Venezia.

Group Exhibition

The Community Centre

22.05. — 20.06.2021


Cotton Club


Pepo Salazar Lacruz