Pat McCarthy

Born in 1987

Hometown: Brooklyn

Pat McCarthy (b. 1987), lives and works in Brooklyn and Andes, New York. He works primarily in sculpture, zines, and video, as well as staging social happenings, many of which include making and serving food. McCarthy’s work traverses many mediums and disciplines to explore methods of storytelling.

Since 2012, much of his work is executed on his Brooklyn rooftop, engaging with the hundreds of domestic pigeons he is raising and flying. The cornerstone of his practice is the zine Born to Kill, begun in 2009 with 110 issues to date. Built by hand and printed on Xerox machines, the zines present poetic narratives of the experiments, constructions, and fugitive gestures of the artist.

McCarthy is a member of the collectives Satan Ceramics and 8 Ball Community. His work is in the collections of MoMA (New York), Fonds Régional d’Art Contemporain (Marseille), Museo Jumex (Mexico City), Hulias (Oslo) and many libraries and private collections internationally.

Group exhibition

The Community Centre

18.10. — 11.11.2023

Pat McCarthy