The Community

11. — 28.07.2018

Final exhibition: « Inside the House »

The gallery is open every day depending on the artist/s. Each day will be different.

The programming includes:

Sunday 14th: Laëtitia Badaut Haussmann and her daughter’s residency
Tuesday 17th: Julien Lacroix and his group’s performative talk about David Foster Wallace
Saturday 21st: Thomas Jeppe & Cyrus Goberville’s Permanent Cuts #09 : Black Zone Myth Chant
Wednesday 25th: Julien Carreyn + Ernesto Sartori’s installation
Wednesday 25th: Pieter van der Schaaf & Stéphanie Lagarde’s screening installation
Thursday 26th: Felicia Atkinson’s “3 Possibilities and 1 Joan”