Our celebration of the first one and a half years of The Community. It is exactly 500 days since the opening of the space on Château d’Eau. The wonderful journey so far has been rich, and the best part has been the people we have met and worked with during this time.

We will host a 1-night party in the format of a group exhibition. The show will take place at Cotton Club, a dear place of The Community collective. The journey of the Cotton Club started in 1901 as an art gallery where some of the first works of Picasso were sold in Paris. During the plus 100 years of its existence, it has had many stories and we want you to create with us one more.

“Ystävänpäivä” translates literally to “Friend’s Day” and is the Finnish equivalent of Valentine’s Day. This is about your friends and loved ones - for us, you are the most important.

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