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Carla dal Forno (Blackest Ever Black) with Cyrus Goberville (Collapsing Market) and Benoit Ménard (visual installation).

Carla dal Forno is an Australian singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, currently based in Berlin. She is a member of the groups F ingers and Tarcar, and formerly cult Melbourne outfit Mole House. Autumn 2016 sees the release of her debut solo album, You Know What It’s Like, on Blackest Ever Black. This is an album for inbetween days, and occupies inbetween states: plain speaking pop, disorientated by dub. Psychedelic folk delivered with (post-)punk economy. Drifting in space while still tethered to the ground. Astral tones blurred with earth sounds: wood, bone, breath, skin, dirt. Ending and beginning, dying and becoming. Longing for adventure and an unquiet life. Struggling to get out of bed. Her voice is an extraordinary instrument: both disarmingly conversational and glacially detached. A perfect embodiment of dal Forno’s emotionally ambiguous songs: their lyrics rooted in the everyday, observing and exposing a series of uncomfortable truths.

Cyrus Goberville is curating multidisciplinary sessions at The Community and co-runs the Paris-based Collapsing Market label with Louis Vial. They first established their reputation by selling K7 mixtapes, then three vinyl issues followed: Louis under the alias Eszaid, the Russian producer Buttechno and Lust For Youth’s frontman Norin in October. Interested in contemporary scenes of both art and music, this collaborative project at The Community is a relevant way for him to gather the values of Collapsing Market. For Permanent Cuts #02, Collapsing Market’s Louis Vïal will also be playing records.

Benoit Ménard will infiltrate “The Adventures of You” exhibition for the night, creating an odd scenography with his mysterious toxic misting units, which result from his research and experimentation on chemical substances like hydroponics fertilizers or energy drinks.

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