The Community


RON MORELLI (Hospital Productions)
Quietly kicking around the New York City underground since the late­ nineties, Ron Morelli started the L.I.E.S. label in 2010. What started as a small project to release his own music and those of local producers, has evolved as more people came out of the woodwork with their contributions. Now it’s in the foreground of abstract music with excellent releases from Jahiliyya Fields, Eric Copeland, Gunnar Haslam and KWC 92 among others.

In the keep of his three albums on Vatican Shadow’s Hospital Productions, Ron Morelli’s own live show is an amalgamation of his rugged deconstructed electronic soundscapes selected from the fringes. Primarily a beatless experience, this will not be dancefloor fodder, but rather an immersive sound experience with a punk attitude and tense edge evoking an uncertainty as to what sonic experience is around the next corner.

CYRUS (Collapsing Market)
Cyrus Goberville is curating multidisciplinary sessions that were launched at The Community in November 2016, and co-runs the Paris-based Collapsing Market label with Louis Vial. They first established their reputation by selling K7 mixtapes, then three vinyl issues followed: Louis under the alias Eszaid, the Russian producer Buttechno and Lust For Youth’s frontman Norin in October. Interested in contemporary scenes of both art and music, this collaborative project at The Community is a relevant way for him to gather the values of Collapsing Market.

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