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Félicia Atkinson (Shelter Press)
Félicia Atkinson is a French visual artist, an experimental musician and the co-publisher of the independent imprint Shelter Press with Bartolomé Sanson. Her works deal with the topics of improvisation, fiction, instant composition, noise, abstraction and poetry. She is currently in residency at la Galerie, Centre d’art Contemporain de Noisy-le-Sec and was part of the MILKY WAY group show at The Community in October 2017. Her latest album Hands in Hands (Shelter Press, 2017) was one of the most accessible and experimental albums of 2017 - a singular artistic vision fusing field recordings, modular and MIDI electronics with a hypnotising whispered vocal narration, lulling us into her captivating sound sphere. For this sixth edition of Permanent Cuts, Félicia will play a live set.

Cyrus (Collapsing Market)
Cyrus Goberville is co-curating the multidisciplinary Permanent Cuts sessions that were launched at The Community in November 2016. He co-runs the Paris-based Collapsing Market label with Louis Vial. Interested in contemporary scenes of both art and music, this collaborative project at The Community is a relevant way for him to gather the values of Collapsing Market.

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