The Community

05. — 07.04.2018

The Community introduces Living Room, a new 3-day multidisciplinary programming concept.

Mimicking the feeling of walking into an old friend’s house, we have imagined a series of events that will make you wonder, laugh or think critically, in a cozy and welcoming space. Embracing the community of creatives that surrounds us, we have picked a handful of talks, screenings, sounds, and works that inspire and challenge us.

The Community has always been more than the sum of its members, audience and partners. Collaboration with our extended network of creatives is the lifeblood of The Community, and Living Room celebrates an entrance onto a new territory for us: mentoring, co-creating and advising. Stay curious, and you will know more.

Thursday, April 5th, 2018
19h00 – 20h30

A talk by Thami Schweichler, Co-Founder of Makers Unite

The talk will discuss the topic of incorporating refugees into local host communities through design collaboration.

Makers Unite is a social enterprise that provides opportunities to newcomers through the making of creative products and assignments. Creating a stage to showcase the talent of their creative participants, Makers Unite aims to raise awareness about the importance of equality and social inclusion. Their work has been showcased at the Venice Architecture Biennale (Roof 4 Humanity), during Amsterdam Fashion Week (Refuse Magazine), and at Stedelijk Museum (Solution or Utopia: Design for Refugees).

Friday, April 6th, 2018
18h30 – 21h00

A workshop with Ruby Hoette, MA Design Lecturer at Goldsmiths, University of London

What if fashion were a discussion, an exchange, a negotiation or even a heart to heart? And what if conversation were a mode of production? Are there new perspectives this might this reveal in terms of materials, processes and value? During this workshop we will be using garment and text fragments as material to form new connections and collages. We will highlight, unpick, unravel then reconfigure experimenting with the fashion article as a discursive object and dress practices as dialogues.

All tools/materials will be provided.

Free, limited to 20 participants.
Please confirm your attendance by sending us an email to

Saturday, April 7th, 2018
19h00 – 22h00

A night of screening and performance

The premiere of the new short film “Atlantis” by filmmaker Julien Pujol.

“Atlantis. Driving by so many utopias like it. Some already gone. The fate of mankind in stone and sand. Others exist only in memory. The train brings me to the town near the sea. The dune. An abandoned station, the living room just in time. A postcard from Giverny. Next day the fog arrives. Stuck in sand, I see Atlantis again from far away. Driving past a man building his house, others have left already, one hundred thousand of them. Its spring and the flowers are still there. He sets the stones and crosses back to the desert.”


A live concert of Berlin-based Norwegian band Soft as Snow (Houndstooth)

The Norwegian duo Soft as Snow makes expansive electronic synthpop that pulls the listener down into a cavernous underground rave. Their singular sound can in part be attributed to Oda’s background in performance art and to Øystein’s drumming for various noise rock bands in Oslo’s underground scene.

On 6th of April, the duo is releasing their debut full length ‘Deep Wave’ on Houndstooth. The album was created by Soft as Snow with additional mixing and production by WIFE of Tri Angle Records. Following the album is a surreal 3D-animated video directed by London based artist Conrad Pack, and two 8-bit-psychedelic videos directed by the duo.

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