13. — 20.10.2018

DOC hosts six solo and group exhibitions under the frame of Umwelt Monde. A cross-section of presentations, reflecting a community that is not defined by geography. Umwelt Monde is the fourth edition of Thomas Jeppe’s Umwelt project. In June 2017 The Community participated in the third edition, Umwelt Mode, in Basel.

Others with:
TG (Nottingham), Jason Evans
Mercy Pictures (Auckland), Isaac Aggrey, Teghan Burt, Selena Gerzic, Jessie Howell, Ronan Lee, Jerome Ngan-kee, George Rump, Tim Webby
Unsere Umwelt (Basel), Dana Munro
Guimarães (Vienna), Presenting Guimarães
Sydney (Sydney), Presenting Sydney’s Archive
Organised by:
Thomas Jeppe

The Community and Umwelt Monde are part of the Paris Avant-Premiére programme.