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Bill Kouligas (PAN) Ambient Set with Cyrus Goberville (Collapsing Market) and Ethan Assouline (visual installation).

Bill Kouligas runs the Berlin-based record label PAN. He grew up in Athens before moving to Berlin, where he founded PAN in 2008. PAN has since developed into a platform to present and distribute work by a range of sound and visual artists spanning generations and continents. These include Florian Hecker, Ghédalia Tazartès, Helm, Keith Fullerton Whitman, M.E.S.H., Lee Gamble, Valerio Tricoli and more recently Yves Tumor to name a few. Bill has demonstrated through PAN a unique vision of contemporary music, putting art and graphic design at the forefront of the label identity to break the borders between two separated worlds.

Cyrus Goberville is curating multidisciplinary sessions at The Community and co-runs the Paris-base Collapsing Market label with Louis Vial. They first established their reputation by selling K7 mixtapes from singular DJs such as Andrew Lyster (Meandyou.) or Sidney & Suleiman (Latency). Three vinyl issues followed: Louis under the alias Eszaid, the Russian producer Buttechno and Lust For Youth’s frontman Norin earlier this month. As the label’s name signals, Collapsing Market’s philosophy is all about bringing romanticism back into the technocratic world. Interested in contemporary scenes of both art and music, this collaborative project at The Community is a relevant way for him to gather the values of Collapsing Market.

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