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Dominick Fernow (Hospital Productions)
Dominick Fernow is an American noise musician behind the aliases Prurient, Vatican Shadow and Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement. He is also running one of the best experimental music labels for more than 20 years: Hospital Productions. Known for his dark and brutal sound atmospheres, Dominick will play a very special metal vinyl records DJ set for this edition of Permanent Cuts.

Philippe Hallais (Modern Love)
Philippe Hallais - aka Low Jack - is a French electronic composer, also running Editions Gravats label. He has released on Modern Love his first debut album under his own name, called An American Hero: a deeply seductive record of dream pop and ambient shimmers. The LP was the first part of the current “Angela (An American Hero, Chapitre 2)” exhibition at The Community by Philippe Hallais and Ethan Assouline. For this eighth edition of Permanent Cuts, Philippe Hallais will play an experimental DJ set.

“Angela (An American Hero, Chapitre 2)”

The collaboration between Ethan Assouline and Philippe Hallais started through the creation of artwork and visuals for Hallais’ latest album called “An American Hero”. Ethan Assouline created a string of short videos to accompany the album, and the next chapter of the collaboration now unfolds in the format of an exhibition.

The album “An American Hero” is inspired by the dramatic structure of reality TV biopics of high-level athletes. From the election of young sports talents in high school onto the questions of their injuries, betrayals and finally to their redemption. The album is an imaginary soundtrack for a nonexisting mass-produced reality series that follows through its 11 acts the Greek Tragedy.

In “Angela (An American Hero, Chapitre 2)” the narrative continues as a collection of sculptures, paintings and compositions of still lifes. New pieces by Ethan Assouline aim to weave the portrait of a hero who isn’t there anymore. The story is told through the absence of the body. The exhibition is a physical illustration of the album by Philippe Hallais, and the second chapter can be only perceived through the series of fetishised objects and haunting memories.

Permanent Cuts #08 : Dominick Fernow

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