Bonington Gallery

04. — 30.03.2019

“At the time this was The Community’s internal brief for the collective installation and collaboration: ‘ The installation follows the rules of an adventure playground: anyone can build anything, together or alone. Everyone must participate. I can foresee the process and give tips if needed (and build some stuff too of course!).’”

Extending their methodology to the UK, The Community Live in Nottingham transformed Bonington Gallery into a site for learning, experimentation and production through a programme of free to attend weekly workshops and activities delivered by a specially invited group of internationally prominent artists & creatives, accompanied by members of The Community. Over the course of a month, participants created work within the space whilst reflecting and developing upon previous outcomes – building content through experience and accumulation. Participation was open to all, reflecting The Community’s desire to ingratiate their practice through dialogue and collaboration with local communities.

The Community Live in Nottingham

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