The Community


Pan Daijing - Ambient Set
Cyrus (Collapsing Market)

Visual installation:
Anton Bialas and Ethan Assouline

Set design:
Sophia Taillet and The Community

Born and raised in Southwest China, Pan Daijing then moved to Berlin where she started collaborations with other like-minded artists, including composer Werner Dafeldecker, Valerio Tricoli and Bill Kouligas. She put out her first tape, Sex and Disease, on Berlin’s Noisekölln in 2015. Her work reflects the philosophical and uncanny ritualistic traditions of her background. Daijing’s fascination with the flow and exchange of energy that techno provides comes through in much of her work. She herself cites sound, rather than music, as her main focus. For Permanent Cuts #03, she will play an ambient DJ set, following her great mix part of Zweikommasieben’s Surreal Sleep in Zurich in November 2016.

Cyrus Goberville is curating multidisciplinary sessions that were launched at The Community in November 2016, and co-runs the Paris-based Collapsing Market label with Louis Vial. They first established their reputation by selling K7 mixtapes, then three vinyl issues followed: Louis under the alias Eszaid, the Russian producer Buttechno and Lust For Youth’s frontman Norin in October. Interested in contemporary scenes of both art and music, this collaborative project at The Community is a relevant way for him to gather the values of Collapsing Market.

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