The Community

18. — 18.04.2018

I will set a stage for you” by Ana Iwataki and Marion Vasseur Raluy is based on the online video program by the same name. In 2017, Art Viewer invited Iwataki and Vasseur Raluy to curate the video screening section on Iwataki and Vasseur Raluy decided to explore the stage in relation to the boundaries of theatre and contemporary video art.

The anthology “I will set a stage for you” is an online video program, which has been transformed into a physical object. It is an attempt to translate a project of various temporalities into fixity and cohesion. The Art Viewer website served as one stage for a specific presentation of video and texts. The new publication elaborates this material and re-imagines it into another one.

Art Viewer is an online platform that promotes contemporary art through a selection of documented art exhibitions and events.

Six videos from the “I will set a stage for you” online video program will be screened twice at the event.

Alexey Vanushkin, The Wandering Kind, 6’27”
Danielle Dean, A Portrait of True Red, 8’40”
Alex Wissel, In the Cellar there is a Wolf, 2’15”
Lila de Magalhaes, To Call My Own, 7’24”
Luzie Meyer, The Balcony, 18’15”
Masaya Chiba, Study for Let’s Have an Adventure #3, 5’26”

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